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Tesla To Build the World's Largest Supercharger With 164 Stalls and Solar Canopy

Tesla continues to build its Supercharger network with expansion plans to construct the world's largest Supercharger station. The proposed site, located in Kern County, California, near the intersection of Highway 46 and Interstate 5, is poised to set a new standard in electric vehicle charging infrastructure - with an impressive 164 charging stalls.

Solar Canopies and Pull-Through Stalls

The latest ambitious project extends beyond mere numbers. It introduces a comprehensive design that integrates solar canopies over each parking stall, ensuring that the energy used for charging comes from a renewable source. Moreover, the station will feature 16 pull-through stalls catering to drivers’ towing trailers and embody the essence of a microgrid with Tesla's cutting-edge Megapacks for energy storage. These components will collectively harness and store solar energy, underscoring Tesla's holistic approach to energy management.

Tesla's plan also hints at the potential development of a solar farm nearby, indicated by site plans showing a maintenance gate and a designated area. While this aspect remains confirmed, it showcases Tesla's broader vision for renewable energy integration within its Supercharger network.

Strategically situated close to Lost Hills, the new Supercharger station will serve local and passing EV drivers and signal Tesla's vision for the future of transportation. This location is set to eclipse the current largest Supercharger station at Harris Ranch, also in California, which boasts 98 stalls, highlighting Tesla's rapid network expansion.

Tesla News will be Supercharging Stations

As Cybertruck and the latest Model 3 versions have made their debut, with the updated Model Y off the 2024 agenda and the next-gen vehicle delayed to 2025, Supercharger sites are set to be a focal point this year. Though perhaps lacking the immediate allure of sleek, advanced vehicles, the significance of Supercharger stations surpasses that of the cars themselves.

Tesla is the new ‘gas’ station of the future. The company achieved this by giving all of the competition its charging technology, the North American Charging Standard, and the competition conceding to the King of the EV sector. However, the challenge will now be to build that infrastructure as quickly to keep up with the demand that no Teslas can use these far-superior charging stations.

Tesla's innovation extends beyond charging technology. In Los Angeles, construction is underway for a unique Supercharger station featuring a diner and a drive-in theater, offering a nostalgic 1950s theme complete with rock music and servers on roller skates.

The U.S. has just over 2,700 active Tesla Superchargers, an increase of more than 700 since October. Worldwide, Tesla has more than 2,400 Superchargers and 55,000 charging stalls.


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